Sales of Natural Pest Control Products Are on the rise

England 16/04/2013 – Increasingly US households are turning to natural pest control products to keep themselves and their pets healthy

Not so long ago, most people did not really worry about the chemicals they used around the home. They naturally assumed that because these products were available to the public they were OK. No one really thought about the cumulative effect of using these chemicals, apart from maybe people with allergies and other serious health issues. Today, people are increasingly concerned about the impact many commonly used chemicals are having on them, their family, pets and the planet. This has led many to look for alternative products to control common pests.

Fortunately, there are some very good alternative products, and they are gradually becoming more widely available. It is now possible to buy natural pest control from, a company that began selling natural pest control products for pets in 2008. Today, they sell a range of natural pest control products for pets, the home and the garden.

The founder of Wondercide, Stephanie Boone set up the company when she realised that safer pest control was possible. She had a dog, called Luna, who at 10 years old suffered from pesticide poisoning. Luna survived, and is today once again healthy, but she suffered greatly as a result of being poisoned by pesticides. When Stephanie researched pesticides looking for a way to help her dog, she realised just how toxic some common pesticides could be. This lit a fire in her and she began to research viable alternatives. Working with a range of professionals drawn from several disciplines, she was able to launch a range of natural pest control products. They are designed to keep homes and pets pest free with no negative impact to animal or human health or the environment.

Sales Continue to Grow
The market for Wondercide products proved to be huge and is still growing. Today, the company has gone beyond producing products for pet care. They now sell a full range of natural pest control products for use in the garden and the home. Their ethical, environmentally friendly approach has brought them the admiration of their customers and many others in their field.

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