Cisco Communications Systems Remain Popular

England 18/04/2013 – In the modern world, solid reliable communication and network systems are crucial to success

Modern consumers, expect companies to always be available during business hours. Every system failure that results in a firm not being contactable and able to help their customers has the potential to decimate customer confidence. Stable communication and networking systems are critical to success. Increasingly firms are realising this and are waking up to the benefits of bespoke communications systems like Unificomms – Cisco Unified Communications Solutions.

Many do not fully understand the technical side of these communications solutions, but they certainly know how effective and dependable Cisco systems are. Cisco is a name that has been around from the very start of networking and is a company that has a worldwide reputation for providing robust and dependable communication systems. Firms who use their components know they get secure data storage coupled with easy access to their data, as well as the ability to communicate via VoiP and video.

However, that is only half of the story. Using high end, quality hardware, firmware and software, such as that produced by Cisco, is never going to produce benefits unless it is used in the right way. This is where firms like Unificomms come in. They take the Cisco infrastructure, or hardware, then adapt and apply it in the best way possible to each setup or firm. Their approach is to provide a bespoke networking and communications system using Cisco components to their customers.

A firm that uses a third party contractor like Unificomms for their unified communications solution, gets amazing results. They end up with a communications and networking solution that is as close to perfect as is physically possible.

Unificomms are Cisco Business Partners
As certified Cisco business partners Unificooms offers as good a service as is physically possible. They are kept abreast of new hardware, often even during the design and testing stages. By the time the new hardware come to market they are ahead of the curve. It is already clear to them which of their customers will benefit from upgrading to the new hardware and which can wait for the next generation.

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