Decision Homebuyers Comment On Taxes And The Future Housing Market

London, England (Jan 11, 2010) – Decision Homebuyers, one of the UK’s most trusted and flexible home buying specialists, comment on suggestions that future taxes will have to be applied to the housing market to stop prices getting out of hand.

Adam Posen of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee argues that interest rates will not be enough to stop spiralling costs in the future should there be another boom in the housing industry. He suggests implementing tax measures to coincide with the state of the UK economy to prevent a repeat of the current recession and to make prices more manageable.

According to Mr. Posen, one theory would be to introduce tougher rises in stamp duty if prices are rising too high to deter buyers, whilst being more lenient when prices fall and cutting levies for those looking to purchase a property. This has led to debates about variable taxes in the housing market, and if variable taxes are a way forward for the industry and the wider economy.

“The proposals are interesting indeed and show that the Bank of England is already preparing for when the housing market stabilises again,” says Laurence Smith of Decision Homebuyers. “There is a lot of thought being put in to how to handle the future market and we should expect to see a lot of changes in the coming months. If home owners aren’t comfortable when looking to sell a house fast in today’s uncertain market, our advice is to wait for a few months to see the changes the new year brings.”

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