UK Men are More Style ConciousThan Ever

England 20/08/2013 – Over the past decade, UK men have become increasingly fashion conscious and it is a trend that looks set to continue.

Men are now spending more than women on certain items. Surprisingly, Mintel recently revealed that UK men are spending more on footwear than women. On average they spend £178 on footwear per year, whilst women spend just £171. Other recent surveys reveal that UK men are far more style conscious and aware of the way they look than they once were. A large medical plan provider recently asked their customers how they felt about themselves, their health and their physique and sixty percent of respondents said that they were concerned about how good they looked.

Without a doubt men in the UK are far more interested in the way they look than they used to be. These days finding the perfect gifts for him is a lot easier. UK men have turned into big consumers, they want far more clothes and accessories than they every used to. This means there is no need to buy dad socks for Christmas and birthdays. These days dad will welcome a trendy T-shirt or something more sophisticated like a silk handkerchief or something zany and fun like a pair of skull and crossbone cufflinks.

The web is the best place to find stylish gifts
The fact that there is so much more demand for men’s fashion and accessories has inspired designers to make more specialist gifts for men. Today, many of those designers are marketing their wares on the web via interesting, independent sites like Culture Label who scour the world for artistic and interesting gifts that offer something a little different.

They have found that there is demand for everything from art or limited edition T-shirts to pocket squares. UK men seemed to want something different, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Some of their most popular gifts are jewellery related, with watches being particularly hot. Gadgets are also still popular gifts for men. The more stylish and unusual the gadget is the more likely it is to sell well. As UK men become more and more style conscious they are likely to become even bigger consumers, which is great news for those who sell gifts for him.

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