Demand for Nannies is on the Increase

England 12/08/2013 – Families have who have used nurseries and day care, in the past, are increasingly looking at alternatives as well.

As a result, more families are finding out about nannies in Manchester and other large UK cities. Many parents are waking up to the fact if they only need childcare for a few hours, for example before and after school, employing a nanny is a good option. People no longer see nannies as being just for the rich. They know that they have to offer a reasonable hourly wage, but are increasingly aware that modern nannies no longer expect to work full time, and want a roof over their heads as part of the deal. As a result, more and more ordinary families are using nannies as their primary childcare solution.

In families where all the adults work, the nanny is often employed to pick the children up from school, take them home give them something to eat and get them started on their homework. They generally stay until the parent gets home around six or seven pm. Occasionally, nannies will stay on late into the evening to put the children to bed either on nights where the parents work late, or during weeks when the parent is working a middle shift.

The fact that nannies offer a bespoke solution, which is flexible, is helping thousands of UK parents to go back to work and find better jobs. They are no longer tied to and restricted to only being able to stay at work while the day care their child attends is still open.

Other nanny services are also proving popular
Increasingly, UK parents are turning to nannies to help them to get though certain development stages. They are employing maternity nannies to look after both mother and baby soon after they come out of hospital. These nannies offer help and expertise that gives parents confidence, and teaches them how to look after their newborn. The Caring Services Agency who provides a range of childcare assistants, to UK households and businesses ,has also seen an increase in interest in nannies who provide sleep training and other specialist services.

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