Most UK Men are Not Worried About Their Alcohol Consumption

England 12/08/2013 – A recent survey conducted by a health care plan provider has revealed some interesting facts about the way UK men look at health.

The survey was carried out by Medicash who provide affordable and simple health care plans. They asked a group of UK men about all kinds of things, from how they feel they measure up to other men to their views about fitness and other health issues. The survey was very revealing and produced some interesting results.

One of the areas the survey covered was the consumption of alcohol, and it seems that most UK men do not feel that they have any issues with alcohol. The study revealed that 89% of the men asked were not at all worried about the level of alcohol they consumed. This is a little alarming because an earlier detailed study by Drink Aware shows that 40% of men in the UK regularly drink too much. Put the two sets of figures together and you realise that a significant percentage of the men that have a drink problem are either not aware of it or are in total denial.

Interestingly, when asked if they had ever tried to cut down on their aclohol consumption, 33% of the men said that they had tried to do so. It seems some who are not worried that they are drinking too much have nonetheless actually tried to reduce how much they drink.

The reason behind this may lay in UK men’s general attitude to fitness, in particular the way they look and measure up to other men, which the Medicash survey specifically asked about. Surprisingly, the survey found that 37% of the men who answered the question were intiminated by the physical appearance of other men.

UK men do pay attention to how they look
In general, UK men were concerned about the way they looked in some way, so perhaps it is the fear of developing a beer belly that leads some to try to cut back on how much they drink rather than anything else. Either way, it does seem that a lot of the men in the survey were concious of the way they looked and motivated to stay fit to look healthier and more attractive. The survey found that 60% were concisous about how they looked at work, but only 11% looked in the mirror between 6 and 12 times a day. Naturally, Medicash customers are quite health concious, the fact they have taken the time to buy a special health plan is testament to that fact, but so is the fact that 80% of the respondents said that they went to the gym regularly.

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