Twitter Trend sends Sales of Baby Fancy Dress Costumes Soaring

England 06/07/2013 – When people started posting links to pictures of their babies in fancy dress costume on Twitter demand for these outfits went through the roof.

Many fancy dress outfitters sold all of their baby fancy dress costumes in a day. In the past demand for baby costumes has been so low, that some fancy dress outfitters did not stock them at all. Today, that has changed.

The growing demand for fancy dress costumes for babies is leading to designers getting more and more innovative. The original furry animal designs are still very popular and are likely to remain so. Furry rabbit costumes are the most popular with pink for a girl and blue for a boy. However, superhero costumes are also proving very popular, especially for little boys. With the release of the new Superman movie, it is expected that Superman fancy dress costume sales will soar for all age groups from babies to adults, so most fancy dress outfitters are stocking up on these. For girls, fairy and princess costumes are definitely in, and that trend seems to be extending to babies too.

However, not all fancy dress costumes for babies are selling. Anything too complicated seems to sit on the shelf. Parents seem to want something that is easy to put on. It is also seems to be important for the costum to stay on and stay in one piece. The onsie format seems to be what most parents are buying for their babies. Outfits that include the hat or head as part of the body of the costume are selling well, but anything with a separate hat, and feet is not selling well.

Fancy dress costumes for babies are here to stay
Character Fancy Dress has always stocked fancy dress costumes for all age groups, and they believe that fancy dress outfits for babies are very much here to stay. People love cute pictures of their babies, and love dressing them up anyway. Naturally, when given the chance to dress them in something fun as well as cute most parents cannot resist. These costumes are warm and well made too, so they are actually quite practical, which may not be the first consideration, but is something that isalso helping sales.

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