More Hand Made Shirts Being Given as Gifts

England 09/07/2013 – The age long conundrum of what to buy the man in your life for his birthday or Christmas appears to have been solved by the humble shirt.

It seems that giving a man a shirt, as a gift, is more popular than it has ever been. Given that few modern men, who do not work in an office, wear shirts every day this may seem strange. However, it appears that the very fact that they only wear them for clubbing and special occasions is what makes the gift of a shirt seem so special.

However, an off the peg shirt from a High Street often does not make a good gift, because it simply does not fit. Modern men come in all shapes and sizes, something many mass produced shirts do not seem to take into account. As a result, people are increasingly buying hand made shirts, rather than ready made one. However, they are only able to do so because of the internet.

In the past buying, a handmade shirt would have been out of the question for most people. The cost of them made them too expensive for most people to consider. In addition, having a shirt handmade meant at least three trips to the tailor, which for most men was impractical. Now that it is possible to buy a tailored shirt over the internet both problems have been solved. There is no need for several visits to the tailor and the cost is drastically lower. Today, all that is needed is a set of measurements that the online tailor explains how to obtain, to order a shirt that fits perfectly.

Consumers become hooked on handmade shirts
Of course, this means obtaining the measurements to be able to order the shirt, but most men will allow themselves to be measured without asking too many questions. Only when they receive their bespoke shirt as a present do they realise why they were being measured. Botti find that once they have received one order for a man, they usually get more as people come back repeatedly to buy more hand made shirts as gifts. Often they use the same measurements as the first time, meaning the next bespoke shirt is more of a surprise for the recipient.

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