T.E.N Supplements Go on the Road

England 17/06/2013 – Face to face, interactions with clients are helping one of the UK’s leading horse supplement firms to grow and develop their range.

The equine world is a relatively small one, and is an environment in which word of mouth still matters. Trainers, riders and stud owners all meet up at various shows and events throughout the country, so get to know each other quite well. When they chat the conversation naturally centres mainly around their horses. They discuss everything from how the weather is affecting their horses to training and breeding. They also talk a lot about horse health and care, especially about keeping the cost of feeding their horses under control while still ensuring that they stay healthy.

Naturally, a lot of horse equipment and feed manufactures attend these events too. It helps their branding and gives them a platform from which to sell their products. However, some firms see another benefit of attending horse shows and sporting events. They see it as a chance to sit down with existing customers and other owners to discuss their needs and build up a stronger working relationship.

This is so important to T.E.N Supplements that they employed Nicki Smith in March to work almost exclusively on the road. She meets a lot of customers at shows, and will be at the Aintree Showing Show on the 27th & 28th July, The Royal International Horse Show from 30th July to 4th August, The Horse of the Year Show 8th-13th October and the Your Horse Live on the 9th and 10th November.

Yard visits prove popular
Nicki Smith is also available for yard visits, and it is not just big stables who can book a visit from her. The T.E.N Supplements team has always offered a high standard of customer care and support to all customers regardless of how much they order from them. To them every customer and horse is or equal importance. Their products are designed to be used for every kind of horse from working horses, and pet ponies to retired horses. They need quality feedback from all of their clients to help them to develop their products, so are going on the road to make sure that they get it.

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