Reviews You Can Trust From David Lichtenstein

13/12/2011 – David Lichtenstein reviews all of the best tech and travel destinations in an unbiased way allowing readers to make informed decisions.

David Lichtenstein is an online blogger who is expert at reviewing all of the latest technology. He has had a fascination with technology ever since he was a small child and this has put him in a great position of being able to tell the good from the bad when it comes to gadgets and gizmo’s.

When you read a tech review from David Lichtenstein, you can rest assured that you will be reading a completely unbiased review which has covered each and every angle of the product in question. David is very quick to put up reviews of all of the biggest releases in the tech world, so you can always count on him to give you his verdict before you have to decide whether of not it is worth spending your hard earned dollars on a particular product or not.

Not only does David Lichtenstein give great tech reviews but he also reviews holiday destinations whenever he is lucky to travel. As always, he tries to keep his reviews as fair and evenly balanced as possible.

About David Lichtenstein:

David Lichtenstein is a 24 year old from New York City. He works a day job at TWC and spends the rest of his time reviewing products and writing opinion pieces for his blog. Which can be found here: David Lichtenstein’s blog.

David Lichtenstein is a tech expert who has many years experience in testing and reviewing all of the latest gadgets. Not only does he offer great tech reviews but he is also passionate about helping others to realise their dreams of running a successful blog. This is why he can be often found offering up SEO tips or reviewing blogging sites and social networks. David also has a fascination with finding his namesakes, something which he talks often about at his blog.


You can contact David Lichtenstein via his blog at David Lichtenstein or on LinkedIn.