Green Room Retail Report On HMV Utilising Pop Up Shops Nationwide

Birmingham, United Kingdom (Jan 11, 2010) – Leading expert provider of retail solutions including retail design, point-of-purchase, shop-in-shop and flagship store design, Green Room Retail (GRR) comment on the news that HMV are to open pop up shops in former Woolworths and Zavvi outlets.

HMV have noticed the marketing and commercial potential behind the utilisation of pop up shops – which can be quickly constructed and easily dismantled – and have opened up between 10-15 shops in towns across a variety of locations in the United Kingdom, in areas such as Loughborough, Torquay and Welwyn Garden City.

The pop up shops will be opened at ex-Woolworths and Zavvi units in time for the run up to Christmas, and could potentially provide HMV with a large return on impulse purchases and stocking fillers. The move has been seen in some quarters as a marked increase in the popularity of pop up shops, and there is hope that more big name stores will utilise them in the future.

“Here’s a brand that 18 months ago I was pretty sure would soon be no more. In the face of such brutal price competition from the supermarkets and online retailers, and with music downloads going mainstream, not to mention the threat of piracy, I wasn’t convinced that HMV would be able to hold its own for much longer,” said Richard Ash, founder and CEO of Green Room Retail. “The HMV move particularly excites me as it’s bringing the phenomena to the average British high street, helping to spread the word and providing those of us in the trade a living case study as to why pop-ups are manna from heaven for landlords, retailers and consumers alike. As well as providing a decent revenue stream, a well-executed pop-up store can deliver marketing value in spades. Look at them as a tool for delivering a brand experience and you’ll be rewarded with buzz, excitement, publicity and much, much more.“

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