Forklift Hire Available Throughout the UK

England – 11.10.2013 – Short and Long Term Hire Could Benefit UK Businesses

Although there are many businesses, of a variety of sizes, structures and genres who rely heavily upon their forklift trucks and drivers, and who would not be able to function without them, there are just as many who do not need a permanent fork lift. The expense of buying and fuelling a forklift truck, together with the cost of educating and maintaining qualified driving staff can make owning a fork lift truck a very expensive business; especially if the truck is unlikely to be used on a regular basis.

Even when using a company such as who aim to keep costs as low as possible, those ongoing costs could prove to be too much.

However, for many of those businesses, there will no doubt be occasions when the addition of a forklift would be extremely beneficial. It could be the case that they have a stocktake and need access to all stock during this certain period, it could be that they intend to move the stock in their warehouse or their showroom around or it could be that their stock is seasonal and they need to remove one seasons’ stock to make way for another. Whatever the reason for needing a forklift at a particular time, the need is absolute.

The Solution
HireMech are a London based company who offer a variety of forklift solutions both long and short term.

Their short term hire is available throughout the UK and could ensure that those businesses who have an irregular but definite need for a forklift truck have the solution they need.

Discussing their short term fork lift hire, a company representative said “Hiremech have been providing Forklift Hire to businesses across London and the UK since 1994. As the Caterpillar dealer for London we are proud to offer our customers an exceptional service and high quality material handling equipment which will help increase your productivity.

Whether you need a forklift truck for a week or for years we have an extensive range of new and used quality equipment available for immediate hire. Specialising in short-term weekly hire with a minimum 1-week hire term offers an ideal solution for seasonal booms”

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