Evolution Legal Concierge Comments on Whiplash Claims Parliamentary Report

Cheadle, United Kingdom (27th August, 2013) – Evolution Legal Concierge, specialist providers of legal services covering an extensive range of cases, comments on a parliamentary report covering whiplash claims and the need for more medical evidence to support cases.

The report—written by the Transport Select Committee (a select committee in the House of Commons)—features several recommendations to change the current state of affairs regarding whiplash claims. These include: tightening up the requirements for motor insurance claims, and making sure insurers honour their commitment to cut premiums; the Government should think about asking claimants to provide evidence that they have either been seen by a doctor, or visited A&E shortly after the accident—where this proof is not provided, there should be a presumption against accepting claims; the Government should explain how it will monitor motor insurers’ commitments to passing reduced costs on to customers as lower premiums.

The Committee initially drafted the report to discuss insurance premiums, but discovered that some insurers offered settlements to claimants prior to a medical examination having even been conducted; they concluded that insurers should ‘immediately get their house in order and end practices that encourage fraud and exaggeration’. Evolution Legal Concierge believes that, without this medical examination, claimants have little chance of receiving the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to should the case be properly assessed by a legal team.

“We’re here to ensure all of our clients are treated fairly and properly with regards to any changes in law,” a spokesperson for Evolution Legal Concierge said. “Whiplash is a big area within this. Whether the government considers a large proportion of cases as fraudulent or not, the majority of cases are genuine and we are here to help people get the compensation they deserve.”

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