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March 28, 2013

March 2013 – Development of new buildings and structures isn’t as easy as deciding where to build, purchasing the land and starting construction. Instead you must make sure that you pass all relevant building regulations, legislation and planning constraints to ensure any new building is legal and most importantly, safe.

One of the first requirements for a new development project is to apply for planning permission. A requirement of most planning applications is assurances that any new development or existing building conversion isn’t going to have a detrimental effect on the surrounding area or environment. Whether this relates issues such as habitat and wildlife or traffic constraints, you must ensure all available action and preventative measures are taken to prevent or reduce impact on these factors.

The requirements of increasingly rigorous wildlife legislation mean the conservation of wildlife and habitat species has an increased importance in planning applications. By contacting an ecology consultancy provider such as REC Ltd,they will provide pragmatic and clear-cut ecology solutions to ensure your responsibilities are met whilst still maintaining the natural environment.

As experts in the ecology field, they will be happy to assist with any development project or planning application requiring a wildlife or ecological survey, no matter what the size or scale of your project.

REC’s multi-disciplinary capabilities allow local experts to provide pragmatic, efficient and sustainable consultancy services, providing support and guidance whenever and wherever it is required.

This support helps to ensure any future developments stand the best chance of planning approval and any prospective land purchases pass without any unexpected complications further down the development process.

For more information on Ecology Consultancy contact:

REC Ltd, Osprey House

Pacific Quay, Manchester

Zip: M50 2UE
Tel: 0845 676 9303


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