Hand painted Victorian desert plates comes exclusively at Northcote Road Antiques

Northcote Road Antiques is an antique centre opened in 1986 with 30 dealers having high knowledge about antiques and a friendly behavior. Please visit www.northcoteroadantiques.co.uk for a detailed overview.

We started this business with a fine selection of vintage, retro and antique items and our efforts made us the top dealer of antique items in London. Despite a slim entry at the front side, we have a large space on the inside with every item positioned perfectly. Our antique shop is spread over two floors provoking the remarks of an infinite Aladdin’s Cave or the Tardis. For a start, we established the center of our antique shop located in Battersea and Clapham.

Our antique centre is fully organized by all the people, who prefer to carry on their trading activities from here, with at least 4 or 5 traders present all the times. This distinctive feature of our shop contributes to a great facility for our customers, providing them nan option to get knowledge about the a unique item, either from the dealer or the supplier. They are readily available at our shop to guide customers regarding the source and the history associated with the antique piece that our customers are interested in.

Range of Items

We have many customers that visit us on a regular basis to search for the best treasure for their house. Customers come to us for shopping vintage items, when they are either restyling or relocating their residence or to get discrete items for decorating their interiors. There is an innumerable home that brags off items that have been purchased from us including English pine, mahogany drawer chest, a trendy mirror, uncommon lamp, a vintage chair or any other piece belonging to the vintage or antique class. We deal with a variety of vintage furniture types including pieces belonging to the classic period of the 19th century or from the early period of the 20th century including french pieces, retros, modernists and others. With such a huge range, we offer a variety of options for people to buy from either a classic item to be used at home or a unique gift item.

Global Popularity

Our esteemed efforts have taken us to new heights of achievement, which led to an increase in our popularity. This verity can be defined by the fact that we were visited by the hosts of the Antiques Road Trip during the summers of this year, which is broadcast on the BBC TV. Anita Manning, a famous personality, also made some purchases from our shop buying few valued antiques and commented on our collection that all our dealers are highly knowledgeable and our collection of antiques is experienced.

Approaching us.

We have made it simpler to reach us with both online and offline modes. For online approach, you can fill a simple contact form on our website or contact us on Facebook or twitter and we will get back to you. For offline approach, you can visit our store that is open everyday for fixed time or you can contact us through our contact number given on our website www.northcoteroadantiques.co.uk.


Northcote Road Antiques Market

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