First Time Buyers Northern Ireland comment on the benefits of co-share ownership

Belfast, Northern Ireland (23rd Jan 2014) – First Time Buyer NI, a website dedicated to supporting first-time buyers in Northern Ireland, encourages first time buyers to enter into co ownership schemes.

Co-Ownership means that buying your first home can be an affordable option for anyone looking to buy a house with a value under £175,000. This scheme allows people of all backgrounds and ages to afford a home. You have the right to buy a larger share in your home at any time, at the current market value of that share. Buying in part and renting in part when you initially move makes the whole process more affordable.

This is great news for first time buyers as Ricky Armstrong from First Time Buyers NI said at a recent event: “Co-Ownership gives the property market a renewed confidence. We’re noticing people searching online more for property which could mean that now is the time to buy your first property.”

This new attitude to buying a house means that there is a knock-on effect with lenders. The banks and building and societies are happier to lend and are seeing more people getting mortgages through their books again.

This positive turn in the property market is a good sign for Northern Ireland. New lending will mean an improved market and greater options for first time buyers.

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About First Time Buyer NI:

First Time Buyer NI is dedicated to helping first-time house buyers find their perfect property, with extensive listings from estate agents across Northern Ireland. First Time Buyer NI also offers information on all aspects of purchasing a first home, covering mortgages, financial planning, insurance and more.


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