High Quality Web Design Can Improve Business Profits

England – 11.10.2013 – Experienced Mustard Design Offer Web Design Solution

Some years ago, a variety of studies showed what customers were looking for from any business they visited. Whilst the services offered by the various businesses, the courtesy they showed to customers and the cost of the services was shown as very important, a vital consideration for many customers was the appearance and first impression of the business. Companies such as mustard-design.co.uk used this as a way to prolong and improve their business.

It’s estimated that customers make their minds up about whether to use a company, be it a shop, a tradesman or garage within the first seven seconds, and once they have reached a conclusion they very rarely change that initial opinion. As the result of this survey and estimation, many businesses overhauled their staff, surroundings and the way they introduced themselves to customers in an effort to ensure that they were making the right first impression.

In 2013, more businesses than ever have a website and the same principles apply.

A customers’ first impression of a new business is now established not by their greeting or their surroundings any more but on their website – and many businesses are losing customers and profits as the result of a website which does not make the right impression to new and visiting customers.

The Right Website
There are various rules to making and building a website, such as colour schemes, graphics, ease of use and, of course, the actual content. However, as many business owners are busy with the day to day running of their business, website design is often left as a last resort or neglected altogether for a cheap and functional design which might tell customers what the business is about but does nothing to sell that business.

Hampshire based Mustard Design offer a solution in the form of vibrant, accessible and impressive websites to a wide variety of customers. Discussing their approach and ethos, the company say “At Mustard Design our focus is to present your core business values in a stunning website creative, to give a great return. From concept to completion our designers keep it simple and ask you the right questions when building your website. Your website is the 1st impression of your business and its vital to get your homepage engaging and then retain interest throughout”

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