Businesses Face Large Savings By Buying Refurbished Fork Lift Trucks

England – 11.10.2013 – Teeside Company Offers Expert Refurbishment

The majority of business owners know that equipment is often one of their largest expenses, yet their various equipment also counts as one of their largest assets.

Take forklift trucks, for example. The vast majority of the businesses who use them on a regular basis would find it very difficult to continue their business without their forklift truck. When purchased from a reputable seller, such as, whether they have a particularly large warehouse and sales area, have large deliveries which have to be offloaded or simply need to move large volumes of stock and equipment around in order to facilitate their productivity, it’s fair to say that for many businesses, their forklift truck is an essential tool of the business.

However, as much as the business in question might rely on the forklift truck, there is little getting away from the fact that ownership of one comes at a price. From the initial purchase to the ongoing costs of maintenance and fuel, the price of a forklift can be extremely high and the businesses who try to cut corners by buying cheap or second hand trucks often find themselves wishing they hadn’t as the quality is so low that their savings end up costing much more in the long term.

Refurbishment is the Solution
The principle behind refurbishment means expertly restoring it to the quality and ability the machine in question had when it left the factory floor. Refurbishment often refers to computers, laptops and mobile phones.

Teeside Company B&S Forklift Trucks use the skill and knowledge they have amassed within twenty years of business to offer their customers the affordable yet reliable option of expertly refurbished fork lift trucks.

The company say “we demand the very best for our customers therefore when you specify a Caterpillar lift truck from B&S Forklifts you are entering into partnership with a team who care about your business.We remain committed to helping you maximise profit with every recommendation we make, every product we deliver and with every service we provide.”

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