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January 10, 2012

England – 08/01/2012The very popular dating network have joined forces with to offer their clients even more choice

When you visit you soon realise that you are visiting a very popular dating service, and one that a wide range of people use. They use real photographs of their clients on their home pages, not fake pictures of models like some other unscrupulous agencies do.

The first thing that strikes you when you look at their home page is the huge range of people who use their service. You will find men and women from every age group, including the over 50s, on their home page and people from every culture and ethnic group.

The fact that so many different people use their service is part of what makes their service so popular and so good. Having such a huge and varied list of clients ensures that everyone can find the right date for them. However, wanted to offer an even better service and an even better choice of dates, so have teamed up with offers advice as well as dates

Over the years, realised that to get people to begin dating again and sign up they needed to offer something a little extra. After all, there are literally hundreds of dating services out there, so they needed to stand out from the crowd. They considered going down the route of splitting their agency up into smaller agencies dealing with specific groups of people. However, they soon rejected that idea when their analysis of their client base showed that most of their clients were dating outside of their natural social circle. This told them that setting up a dating service for the under 30s, one for people in those in their 40s and 50s etc was definitely not the way to offer their clients a better service. Instead, they chose to offer them free advice and do this using their Blog.

The blog is an excellent source of dating advice from what to wear to what to say. It is so good in fact, that they get many hits from people who do not actually use their service, or are already in a relationship.


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